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CFShopkart Version 5.5
Last version of CFShopkart
Filesize: 3.54 MB
Zip Code Radius Search
This optimized cfc will help you add a zip code radius search to your website. A database is included, but the database might be a little out dated so try to find a more updated one if you can.
Filesize: 2.54 MB
Simple Update Insert CFC
A CFC that makes inserts and updates to your database easier. Just match the form fields with the column names in the database and you can call this cfc to do an insert or update. I created this because the insert and update tags in Coldfusion are limited and throw errors if there is not a match. This will only match form fields with the column names in your database. So, if the column doesn't exist, the form field is ignored and no error is generated.
Filesize: 3.44 kB
Easy Form Field Validation
This cfc will help you add form field validation to any form built with Coldfusion
Filesize: 3.61 kB

* ASP is only available on Windows

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* ASP is only available on Windows.